Welcome to Crystal Clear Car Wash in Clifton, CO!  We have four self-serve car wash bays, including a Truck/RV bay.  We also have a touch free-automatic and, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m, there is always someone there to wash your bumper and windows before you go in. Get one of our punch cards for the automatic and after 9 washes, you get the 10th wash of your choice FREE!  We have fragramatic vacuums, which not only let you vacuum, you can also shampoo your interior or add fragrance!  We also have vending machines with a variety of auto care products.  Aside from the vending machines, all of our equipment accepts coins or credit/debit cards.  We also have a fleet card system for businesses, so ask the attendant for more information. We appreciate our loyal customers and look forward to meeting our new customers!

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