We recently did a customer satisfaction survey in our laundromat.  Following are a few comments from our wondeful customers:

"This place is perfect."

"Super helpful young man & women introduced me to machines and made me feel 'at home.'  A large part of why I came back (even after my machine got fixed!)"

"Thanks so much for building such a nice facility to come to!"


"Super clean."

"Keep doing what you're doing!"

"Muy bien lugar.  Todo esta muy bien."


"All is very good the way it is.  Everyone is very helpful.  Alice is a jewel as well as everyone else."

"Keep up the good work."

"Todo esta excelente."

"Glad you're here!  Badly needed."

"This is the best laundromat in town."

"The fastest place to do any kind of clothing."

"Sergio is excellent!"